Assembling (2021) 20:00
Features female-identifying performers assembling in an urban landscape and struggling to find comfort next to hard, uneven rock and concrete surfaces. Their reclining bodies shifting slowly and awkwardly over a course of time reflect on a female subject’s classical representation in the arts as someone who reclines. Nordman is interested in conveying female experience in the world mostly defined by men by juxtaposing soft and hard, slow and fast.
Performed at Art in Odd Places, NYC

Tough, mysterious, sensitive, (2015-2017) an evening-length multimedia dance
inspired by the symbolism and imagery of roads and pathways in the work of Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami. Nordman seeks to understand her own personal navigation and the choices one makes on the path to becoming. The mostly solo performance for the choreographer also features film, original music and a chorus of four additional female dancers.
Section Kolam
After a while you feel
the environment around you is even evil.
It’s tangible and
tight knots like stones start forming inside you.
You don’t wake up until
you realize that you’ve almost completely turned into a stone.
When you start untying this tight bundle
you start seeing, and
what you see appears
to be a very lonely path but
it’s a way to the truth.

A Dadaesque Collage of Chauvinist Wisdom, (2013) an evening-length duet explores female solidarity and women’s relationship to each other as simultaneously sister and rival. The work combines choreography, spoken word, props, recorded sound, video and audience participation. A multiplicity of cultural and historic influences that included films that celebrate female bonding, chauvinist jokes, Dadaist ideas on performance and artistic creation, representations of women as the goddess figures in western art, and women as shaman and mystic were examined in the making.

We’re having a tough time, (2011) a 15-minute duet exploring relationships and aging

in your, (2011) in collaboration with Pedro Jimenez, a 10-minute duet exploring empathetic approach to the other

Balls, (2010) a 10-minute solo exploring female desire and strength, and physical reciprocity

Other videos:

Finland 100 Greeting – FinlandintheUS

Momentum as part of Best of CounterCurrent 2015

Screen Test from The Andy Warhol Museum