Artist Statement

Environmental Art and Advocacy

My interdisciplinary art works combine sculpture, video and dance; I create socially engaged art that intervenes in public spaces. My processes include film, metal work, fiber arts and poetry. My process also draws from my background in dance and my interest in exploring movement as a way to suggest action or change.

My process is rooted in my travels to isolated parts of the world to reflect on nature, history and female experience – the recurring themes in my works. My works reflect on my contemplation of nature in specific locations and, combined with my personal experience of those spaces, juxtapose feminine mystique and environmental anxieties. For instance, having extensively traveled in Greece visiting scores of ancient archeological sites, I have contemplated the remains humans leave behind. I have seen collapsed walls, towers and monuments that once represented magnificent cities and peoples. What awes me in these sites, in addition to their magnificence, is nature’s slow, quiet invasion and continued vitality. Reflecting on nature’s permanence and the impermanence of human made artifacts my works highlight nature’s ability to remain vital despite the impact of contemporary humans.

With my works I hope the viewers can experience a unified, global voice emphasizing the importance of healing nature to heal ourselves, and calling for action to protect the environment.