Artist Statement

Sari Nordman is a New York -based interdisciplinary artist working with dance, video and installation. She loves to travel to the isolated parts of the world to reflect on nature, history and female experience, the recurring themes in her works. Originally from Finland she is also interested in reflecting on the immigrant experience in her works. Her art practices are interdisciplinary and contemporary in nature. She contemplates nature in specific locations and combined with her personal sense research juxtaposes feminine mystique with environmental anxieties. In her practice she observes whether there is a possibility to summon sensations that are hidden in a collective memory. She creates forms in time and space to rediscover the primitive alliance with nature. Her works often promise something conventionally sensual; they can be tender, soft, invitational, while at the same time can be unconventionally dangerous for their subversiveness.

She continues smiling when talking
She picks hair off the table cloth,
plays with it
appearing emotional.
Sympathetic, tender voices around her continue
hosting, serving, considering.
Her hand on her cheek,
A gossip is told.
Everyone listening
We feel the intimacy.
Fingers touch, find skin and texture.
Hair outlining her face she opens her gaze
to us.
she leans her head to a side,
smiling encouragingly.
There is a presence that almost dissolves,
evaporates and
softness that brings up emotions
in us.

A response to Danspace Project’s Conversations Without Walls, DANSE to Diaries: French feminisms, May 17th, 2014

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