Artist Statement

Nordman’s aim as an artist is to let her simple, humble human life and art-making dissolve into one interconnected entity where both enrich and feed each other.
Her aim is also to present her knowledge of a female body and mind, and become more conscious of women’s possibilities and skilled in sharing that information.
The aim of her artistic practice is to cultivate poetry and explore humanity.

Nordman’s mediums are dance, choreography and video. Her artistic interests and research relate to being a woman; what are women’s strengths and weaknesses and how do these qualities interplay? The historical representation of women has mainly been crafted by men. Nordman believes women’s true strength and ambiguity have been eclipsed by these subjective and limiting forms. There is a profounder truth. She wants to examine how feminine aesthetics may differ from those of men. Her dances attempt to evoke this dichotomy.
She has also been motivated and inspired by such diverse influences as circularity, representations of the goddess figure in western art, and women as shaman and mystic. Overlaying this blend of images is the theme of women’s relationship to each other as simultaneously sister and rival. She believes as well that she brings a unique perspective to this investigation by her dual heritage. She was born in Finland and has spent the past two decades pursuing a career in the United States.

She continues smiling when talking
She picks hair off the table cloth,
plays with it
appearing emotional.
Sympathetic, tender voices around her continue
hosting, serving, considering.
Her hand on her cheek,
A gossip is told.
Everyone listening
We feel the intimacy.
Fingers touch, find skin and texture.
Hair outlining her face she opens her gaze
to us.
she leans her head to a side,
smiling encouragingly.
There is a presence that almost dissolves,
evaporates and
softness that brings up emotions
in us.

A response to Danspace Project’s Conversations Without Walls, DANSE to Diaries: French feminisms, May 17th, 2014

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