Tower: Framing the Immigrant Experience

Tower Framing the immigrant Experience -social justice

A video installation that reflects on immigrant achievements and struggles in the US

Combining video, archiving, research data and community participation, the installation highlights interviews of people of diverse backgrounds sharing their personal experiences as immigrants in the US. Their interviews are transcribed in English with links to American Immigration Council’s research data on immigration and economy. With this work Nordman, an immigrant herself, wants to help amplify immigrant voices, raise awareness and understanding of their experiences, create supportive community, and offer solutions with the interviewees’ help.

A 2:00 excerpt of a 82:00 video


English transcribed interviews with links to American Immigration Council’s research data on the corresponding state and city

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Tower: Framing the Immigrant Experience is sponsored as part of the American Immigration Council Fellowship of the Creative Equations Fund, administered by Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC).

The installation is available for commissions.