Environmental Anxiety Project

A site-specific, fiber-art project including woven rivers, blankets and clothing; incorporating communal weaving

Repurposing plastic film; meditating on a simple stitch

I explore plastic as a material to highlight the problems it poses on our environment, water and climate. I want to raise awareness of climate change and its effects on displacing people around the world.

Anxiety River

Photographed at Catwalk Institute Arts Residency, Catskill, NY.

Anxiety Fashion

Photographed at the American Heritage Awards at the Javits Center, New York, NY.

Anxiety Blanket

Small and large weaves from communal workshops are sewed together to make a large blanket.

Communal weaving

In workshops I teach participants of varied ages a simple knotting technique. Small and large weaves from these workshops are sewed together to make a large blanket. Participants are invited to bring recycled materials, i.e. plastic film and poly-fibers to the workshop. The pictures are from weaving workshops at Bearnstow Artist Retreat, Maine and New York Finnish Lutheran Church, New York.