Environmental Art and Advocacy: Assembling

Performance and Film

Performance 26:00

Features female-identifying performers assembling in an urban landscape and struggling to find comfort next to hard, uneven rock and concrete surfaces. Their reclining bodies shifting slowly and awkwardly over a course of time reflect on a female subject’s classical representation in the arts as someone who reclines. Their bodies create unexpected sculptural shapes and interconnectedness in space. Nordman is interested in conveying female experience in the world mostly defined by men by juxtaposing soft and hard, slow and fast.

Photo by Julie Lemberger, 2021
Assembling (2021) – performed at Art in Odd Places, NYC
Video art 2:00

An environmentally-themed video art work that features two performers dressed in red overalls. Their bodies shifting slowly and awkwardly attempt to find comfort in an urban landscape that has been filled with cute-colored trash.

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Assembling, a film
Directed by SN
Distributor: AV-Arkki, the Centre for Finnish Media Art
Filmed in New York, NY & Siphnos, Greece
Assembling Waste with SHIM Eco x TSDAP