Tower, a video/dance project in process

Video 1: A woman assembles herself on the ruins of an ancient tower. Time and erosion have made it fall; nature is taking over. Filmed in Greece, 2019

Video 2: About the labor of making a tower that frames modern remains, plastic waste. Sounds of labor and assembly, and of wind harnessing the plastic sails. Filmed at Catwalk Art Residency, 2019

Tower installation - 2019
Tower installation – 2019
Designed by Robert Mencarini & Sari Nordman
Catwalk Art Residency, Catskill, NY
Photos: SN

Installation: The tower functions also as an installation and in performance, with video projected on its moving plastic sails. Reflecting on the Tower of Babel people speaking varying foreign languages appear on video and in performance. (performative ideas)

Materials: hardware cloth & wire, plastic, crafting tape, elastic, plywood, outdoor paint, screws, bolts, metal rods, fan (indoors)

Size: 18″ x 18″ x 13’3″