Tower, an installation

(The Tower of Babel)

Tower installation - 2019
Tower installation – 2019
Designed by Robert Mencarini & Sari Nordman
Catwalk Art Residency, Catskill, NY
Photos: SN

Tower is an interdisciplinary installation work utilizing sculpture, video projection, archiving and community participation. The project reflects on climate change and the biblical story of The Tower of Babel – the story of greed and value of cultural differences. The 4m tall sculpture is constructed of wire mesh cubes and each cube frames plastic waste. The design was made in collaboration with architect Robert Mencarini, and was first built at Catwalk Art Residency, NY in September 2019.
For the video I have interviewed people who have wanted to share their experiences with climate change. Community participation has been integral in making the video and for understanding people’s commitment in stopping climate change. The interviews are recorded in the interviewee’s native language to emphasize the global impact and responsibility in fighting climate change. The interviews are transcribed in English.
The presentation of environmental contemplation and anxieties will be viewed through architecture, video and performance, and I am hoping that through this work the viewers can hear a unified voice speaking of the concern for environmental changes and calling for action. (performative ideas)

Materials: hardware cloth & wire, plastic, crafting tape, elastic, plywood, outdoor paint, screws, bolts, metal rods, fan (indoors)

Dimensions: 18″ x 18″ x 13’3″

Tower installation has been developed with support from Catwalk Institute and NYU, The Amsterdam Collective Casa de Cultura, Tohmajärvi Residency and Laajasalon Opisto.

–Looking for volunteers for an interview (approximately 20 min) to share a personal experience with climate change. The interview is filmed. People speaking any languages are needed. Contact


Tower videos: As a NYC resident and having extensively traveled in Greece visiting scores of ancient archeological sites, I have contemplated the tower-form and the varying remains that humans leave behind.

Video 1: A woman assembles herself on the ruins of an ancient tower. Time and erosion have made it fall; nature is taking over. Filmed in Greece, 2019

Video 2: About the labor of making a tower that frames modern remains, plastic waste. Sounds of labor and assembly, and of wind harnessing the plastic sails. Filmed at Catwalk Art Residency, 2019