AssimilationWomen CineMakers

Saari-IslandOffOffOff PerformanceMix
“The sensibility is very Nordic — outwardly still but inwardly deep, soaked in Nature.”

MomentumArts + Culture Houston
“eerie but elegant solo”

A Dadaesque Collage of Chauvinist Wisdom –
OffOffOff FLICfest
“charmingly disturbed duet”
“the sort of welcome and uncomfortable twist that pops up repeatedly”
“this duet leaves us scratching our heads but looking forward to more”
The Dance Enthusiast
“an eccentric exploration created by Sari Nordman”
“from minimal effort to wild exuberance”
“The shenanigans result in a dizzying play-fight, finding the women alternatively dumping water on each other then shampooing their hair.”
“I am confused but, at the same time, I can’t look away.”

Residency Artist at Tohmajärvi, Finland – Karjalainen & Koti-Karjala
Working at Alpo Jaakola Statuary Park, Finland – Loimaan Lehti
Artist residency at Eckerö Post and Customs House, Finland – Nya Åland & Ålands Tidningen
Savisaappaissa yli Atlantin
Finns in New YorkFinland Center

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