Photo by Sari Nordman

Photo by Sari Nordman, 2007




SN takes photos for Finlandia Foundation New York Metropolitan Chapter annual reception
November 12
Manhattan Club, Rosie O’Grady – New York


SN takes photos for Street Oracles a.k.a. Andrea Haenggi and Jessica Harris
November 12
New York

SN takes photos for Mandy Chan/Breathing Heart
July 12
Studio Anya – New York

SN takes photos for Dean Moss/Gametophyte Inc.
May 23
BRIC – Brooklyn

SN takes photos of Dances For A Variable Population
April 3
Goddard Riverside – New York

SN takes photos of the BAX Arts and Artists in Progress Awards
March 29
Brooklyn Arts Exchange – Brooklyn

SN takes photos of the BAX AIR performance
January 24
Brooklyn Arts Exchange – Brooklyn

She continues smiling when talking
She picks hair off the table cloth,
plays with it
appearing emotional.
Sympathetic, tender voices around her continue
hosting, serving, considering.
Her hand on her cheek,
A gossip is told.
Everyone listening
We feel the intimacy.
Fingers touch, find skin and texture.
Hair outlining her face she opens her gaze
to us.
she leans her head to a side,
smiling encouragingly.
There is a presence that almost dissolves,
evaporates and
softness that brings up emotions
in us.

A response to Danspace Project’s Conversations Without Walls, DANSE to Diaries: French feminisms, May 17th, 2014